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Welcome to Web Income Pros!

Web Income Pros has sold countless premium domains since 2002. Our current 850+ domain name portfolio ranges from well-established genres, to fast-developing categories such as: wireless power, electric vehicles and chargers, 3D printing, finance, weather, law, LGBTQ, marijuana, mushrooms and adult.

Elizabeth Riegel is the CEO of Web Income Pros.  In the 1980’s-1990's she facilitated new product development for Fortune 500 consumer goods companies, helping to invent Purina ONE dog food for Purina (1986), Jack Daniels Country Cocktails for Brown-Forman Distillers (1992), Twizzlers Pull & Peel for Y&S (1995), and dozens of products for Frito-Lay.


Concurrent to new product development projects, Elizabeth was a freelance costume designer for numerous venues, including the Chicago Steppenwolf Theater and Universal Studios. Her credits include working on the 1990 Tony award-winning production of The Grapes of Wrath starring Gary Sinise, and episodes on the 1992 season of The Roseanne Show with Roseanne Barr and John Goodman.  

From 1999-2016 Elizabeth co-founded and was Managing Director of, home to the paradigm-shifting open standards OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, and Vulkan, currently used in billions of mobile devices. 

From 2016 through present day Elizabeth has focused on the development of Web Income Pros, selling premium domain names, and developing affiliate websites for income.

Elizabeth enjoys yelling at political pundits on TV and writing rhyming autobiographical poetry.

Glenn Fredericks is a director for Web Income Pros, and he received a Programming and Systems Analysis Diploma from the Atlantic Computer Institute, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1989. 


Glenn has 25+ years of experience in executive administration, office management, finance, marketing and writing.  This experience includes management of the human resources and facilities growth of an IT consulting firm, including collaboration with the Human Resource Manager on strategies to improve hiring practices and staff retention, and participation in labor and management conflict resolution.


From 2007-2016 Glenn managed accounting and produced fiscal projections and Board reports for

Since 2016, Glenn has performed business administration and writing for Web Income Pros. 

Glenn plays mahjong, and is an avid collector of wine and vintage nutcrackers.

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